Six-second drill

These are effective drills, but children always just think of them as fun activities. The name comes from the amount of time these quick drills take in class. The target language is embedded in a task. For example, you might ask children to repeat a question or sentence three times, then stand up, raise their hands, and shout Finished! Next, you might ask them to repeat the sentence, do an action, and clap three times before standing. Or you might have them whisper. Since it’s silly to begin with, children enjoy making it a race, to see who can speak the fastest.


Ritsuko Nakata 6-second drill from Barbara Sakamoto on Vimeo.

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  1. May 26, 2015

    […] words, but there’s no reason that repetition has to be boring. Drills like Ritsuko’s Six-Second Drill are an excellent example of adding a play-like feeling to a drill that provides many opportunities […]

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